Japanese Real Ale

About our beers

Q: Can I deal with your beers in my country?
A: Below is a list of our distributors in various counties around the world. If you can't see one that deals with your country then perhaps you can contact the Yo-Ho Brewing Company directly using our contact form and please inquire how you might receive a delivery where you are based.Thank you for your interest in us.

・Beverage Traders: E-mail cheers@beveragetraders.com

If you live in other countries, please contact us. yonayonaale@yohobrewing.com

Q: Where can I buy your beers?
A: If you live in Japan: You can buy our beers at supermarkets. If you are able to read Japanese, the most convenient and reliable way is to buy at our online shop.
http://www.rakuten.co.jp/yonayona/ (Only in Japanese)
If you live abroad: We currently export our ales into US,Australia,Korea, Singapore,Malaysia and Taiwan. We hope that in the future, we will be able to export our ales to a larger number of countries.

Q: Why do you produce beers in cans, not in bottles?
A: We want our customers enjoy tasty ale easily at home. In cans, it is easier to distribute and more convenient for direct sales through internet.
In Japan, since about 90 percent of aluminum cans are recycled, it is environmental- friendly at the same time.

Q:Do you organize tours of your brewery?
A:We offer brewery tours in summer (July to September). Please contact us for more information. yonayonaale@yohobrewing.com

About our company

Q: How do you come up with the name of your company?
A: We wanted to call out “Yo-Ho!! We have made tasty beers!”, from Karuizawa, a mountainous region in the middle of Japan.

Q: What do you do with your wastes from the brewing process?
A: All of our waste water is cleaned on site in our waste water treatment system. Our spent grain from the brewing process is used as fertilizer by local farmers.

Q: Do you do engage in environmental-friendly activities?
A: We donate part of our sales to environmental organizations. In addition, our employees take part in the tree planting activities, organized by a local volunteer group.